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QNA Marcom is a niche Marketing and Communications agency for Technology Vendors, Distributors and Solution Providers. We consult our clients on advertising strategy (Print, digital, social media), Creative development, Media buying & Planning, Brand strategy & Corporate Identity, Exhibition stands, Tele Marketing, Data profiling, Lead Generation, End to End event management & activations (big and small), Content development, Content promotion, PR, Go to market strategy, New Market Penetration, Market research & Analysis, Integrated Channel marketing campaigns, Channel Partner Recruitment for Vendors, Website & Mobile applications, E-commerce, SEO, Digital Marketing, Blogs, Manpower recruitment, sales training and development.

We are a team of professionals who are an expert in the field of Marketing and Communications. We offer a customised Marketing MIX for your brand and to support your sales department keep ticking sales! Our clients like to refer to us as their Marketing Department.

We are into new age marketing model, in today’s tough times every company is looking for customer acquisition, partnerships and lead generation. Hence we believe all your marketing efforts should be towards building brand awareness, highlighting your strengths through content promotion and more importantly generate targeted leads for your sales force.

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So what, exactly, do we do?

Individual Approach

I am always asked this question, how do we handle so many clients and still we are able to produce great results. The answer is simple, we have dedicated project managers for each of our client.

One Stop Shop Solutions

There are different kinds of agencies, some focus on PR, some on Advertising, some on events, some purely on digital and some on social media. At QNA Marcom, we do it all, because we believe, well if it doesn’t all work together, then it doesn’t work.

We make Brands

We help technology brands to stand out consistently.




Whether you’re looking for full campaign integration or seeking expertise in a single discipline, we’ll help you grow your business by aligning your brand to the needs of your customer. Our branding processes are precise, reflect your vision & perform in prevalent market conditions. We go well beyond just a logo design, support your business objectives & help your brand connect with today’s consumers and the future.


Pitching in today’s fragmented media landscape extends far beyond the press release. As newsrooms shrink, online media outlets are exploding. It takes savvy messaging, strong relationships and strategic pitching to get earned media coverage on the right channels to reach your brand’s audience. We create content that speaks to people across numerous channels and platforms. To do this we clearly define how editorial and creative content will help deepen the relationship you have with your customers and better bring your brand promises to life.

Lead Generation

Companies spend huge amounts of time and resources creating content and planning campaigns. For us the end goal is to generate new leads that will eventually be converted in $$$. We understand the challenges of attracting and converting into sales. Hence we follow the below steps to make sure we are attacking the right leads :

Before starting any lead generation campaign we work on clients content and how it can be improved for target audience.

Selection of the right database and the right digital platform for attracting relevant leads is the most important part.

Proper integration of clients messaging across all platform is the key to success i.e. through Website, Google Adwords, Social media, Blogs, Email signature and Offline methods.

We make a through time to time check on the interim results in order to achieve desired results.


There are few things more critical to a company’s success than its online presence. It’s often the source of a first impression. It’s where consumers go to connect with a brand 24/7, and it’s an essential component in demand generation.Our goal is to create functionally flawless online experiences that rely on user-centric design and relevant content to serve your audience and your business throughout every interaction.We utilize a balanced approach to crafting online experiences that will inform and delight your visitors. By combining meticulous strategy and expert developers, we build digital destinations that help our clients turn clicks into measurable ROI.


We believe that a client’s objectives are at the heart of any integrated marketing strategy and our marketing team are specialists at creating campaigns which really fit your needs and your budget. We succeed by challenging boundaries, making the complex simple and remaining alive to changes in technologies, trends and tastes. Importantly, we keep it real. We’re a genuine bunch building open, honest and enduring relationships that deliver tangible results. We project manage your marketing strategy from coming up with that big idea, to planning, research, implementation and right through to the evaluation..


Even as new technology continues to change how people are reached and want to be reached, our expertise and experience across all mediums allows for seamless integration of your message. QNA will align your strategy, budget and audience into a unified campaign that delivers intentional results.

Ankit Shukla

Marketing Specialist

Over 10 years of experience in building marketing strategies for different companies. I have worked for top technology publishing and media companies in the region. I believe time has come that every company must use the new age marketing tools available to keep up with the digital transformation.



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First Meeting

We meet all our clients face to face to make sure we understand the inquiry in detail. Once we have 100% clarify, then only we can suggest the best method to achieve accurate results.

Discussion & Planning

Once the initial plan is submitted, we call for a second round of discussions for planning on budgets and timeline of the campaign. In this meeting we will discuss details of each and every point. We believe clear communication is the key to success for any campaign!
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Final Strategy

Once the client and us are on the same page, we send a final strategy to our clients in black and white for them to sign off the campaign. This ensures that expectations are met and we are on right track.


Right after client has signed the campaign, we go for immediate implementation of the campaign without further delay.


We send regular reports to our clients at every stage, to make sure client is in control of the entire campaign. We work as one team with our clients.


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Sunday to Thursday : 9am till 7pm


If you have a feedback or a new inquiry, kindly write back to us.

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